• Office Adress: 35, Blackstock Road, London, N4 2JF, UK
  • Tel: +447588174469
  • Office Adress: 35, Blackstock Road, London, N4 2JF, UK
  • Tel: +44 7427 512739




The Kwara State Association of Nigeria, United Kingdom was formed in recognition of a clear need to unite all sons and daughters of Kwara State origin including all their ethnic and cultural groupings in the United Kingdom. The Association aims to ensure that whenever and wherever appropriate, the welfare, views, and community interests of Kwara State indigenes in the United Kingdom are represented in a manner which is harmonious, organized, and coherent.


Establishment and Constitution

  1. The association was initially formed in the 90’s and was reestablished in 2006.
  2. The association was officially launched in July 2008 by His
    Excellency Dr Abubakar Bukola Saraki, the Executive Governor of
    Kwara State Nigeria.
  3. It has a Constitution and Terms of Reference was created and
    adopted in November 2009 and reviewed in November 2011
  4. The association had her first convention in October 2012 which was
    launched by His Excellency Dr. AbdulFatah Ahmed, the Executive
    Governor of Kwara State.


Aims and Objectives

  1. Some of the aims and objectives of Kwasang UK are:
  2. To cater for the welfare and community interest of Kwara State indigenes
    and ethnic groupings resident in the United Kingdom
  3. To provide a common forum for coordinating the activities of the various
    Kwara State cultural and ethnic organizations in the United Kingdom
  4. To promote closer co-operation and collaboration amongst other
    Nigerians in the United Kingdom with the aim of fostering unity and
    greater understanding
  5. To liaise and promote collaboration with individuals, corporate bodies
    and organisations on socio-economic and cultural development of Kwara
    State in particular and Nigeria in general.



1. Kwasang UK works in partnership with other Kwaran and
Nigeria organisations such as:
2. Ilorin Emirates Development Forum – IEDF
3. Igbomina Descendants Association UK – IDA UK
4. Offa Descendants Union UK – ODU UK
5. Erin Ile Progress Union UK – EPU UK
6. Eruku Progressive Union UK – EPU UK
7. Members from Kwara North
8. Central Association of Nigerians in UK ( CANUK)


Diaspora Engagements – Economic, Social and Community

Our members make various contributions to our communities at home on regular
basis such as:
1.)  Remittances to families and friends for sustenance, education, health etc
2.)  Ilorin Elements Development Forum UK
– Education grants and scholarships to students of KWASU for the past 3 years
– Covid-19 Palliatives: A total 250 families were supported with COVID-19 palliatives during the month of May 2020.
Will imminently be launching a Diaspora financial support scheme for trade persons and artisans
3.) Igbomina Descendants Association UK
– Igbomina Summer School and provision of educational materials
– Provision of boreholes and maintenance of old boreholes
– Youth Empowerment Forums
– Financial Support for indigenes for medical treatment.
4.) Offa Descendants Union UK
– Annual Health Mission – provision of medical equipment’s /eye surgery Covid-19 palliatives


Diaspora Secretariat / Enabling Environment

  1. Your Excellency, we want to acknowledge and commend the rapid progress your government have made so far within one year of coming to power, especially in providing enabling environment for ease of doing business and for Diaspora resettlement back at home.
  2. However, we feel more can be done in areas such as security, electricity, roads and technology/internet.
  3. We also think the establishment of an official Kwara Diaspora office will further help in creating a more structured approach to engaging the Diaspora community. We lobbied as much as possible for this with the previous Kwara State Governments but received little consideration. We will kindly be requesting your administration to consider this request.



  1. Kwasang UK is a dynamic community organisation representing Kwarans in United Kingdom.
  2. As a diaspora stakeholder organisation in Kwara State, we are in a position and are willing to collaborate with and support your administration in various areas.
  3. May God bless Kwara State and Federal Republic of Nigeria.